What Facebook’s editing change means for businesses

Mistakes. We all make them.

Luckily Facebook graciously gives us the chance to fix them on our posts with the edit feature.

Correct that bad spelling. Replace that inappropriate word. Update that link that went to the wrong webpage.

However, all your fans and followers knew you’d made that typo even after it had been fixed. How? By the tiny gray “Edited” label on the bottom of the post.

Facebook reportedly changed its editing system a year ago, although it appears to be taking some time to cycle through users’ feeds. The label has been removed, and now if you want to know if a post has been modified, you’ll need to go to the post’s drop-down menu in the upper right corner and view the edit history.

The problem with this comes down to authenticity, which is so important for businesses. The more virtual we become, the more we want to interact with companies we perceive to be genuine. We crave transparency, and hiding the “Edited” label doesn’t deliver that transparency.

Thankfully, there are many other–and better—ways to be authentic online, so it’s hardly a make-or-break situation. But it is thought-provoking: How do businesses maintain that authentic connection with their audience as further changes are rolled out to the social networks?

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