PPC and Content Marketing: It’s not an either-or proposition

Do you put pay-per-click advertising and content marketing in two different buckets? You shouldn’t. These two strategies work beautifully together.

PPC delivers targeted traffic to your website. Great content makes those visitors stick around.

To see the most benefit from this partnership, start with your pay-per-click strategy. Leverage your paid opportunities to boost your free marketing efforts. Choose your keywords carefully to improve brand awareness. Design your PPC campaigns to piggyback off your social media presence. Keep in mind that some keywords may be more expensive to buy, so include those organically in your content rather than paying for them via PPC.

Once you have visitors on your site, make sure they stay. Make your content useful by answering questions and freely sharing your expertise. Include high-value keywords. Build trust with unique, engaging content.

You can also flip the formula and use PPC to promote great content. Use identity-based ad targeting to get that powerful post in front of specific people. Paying for eyeballs is worth it if you’re smart with your ad campaigns. Just make sure you have an action plan in place to take advantage of those visitors.

PPC and content marketing may seem like polar opposites. But PPC is actually an essential component of a successful content marketing campaign.

Do you use PPC and content marketing together? You should.

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