What is The Cloud Skimmer?


    How often do you post content on the various social media channels?

    How does the content creation and delivery process work?

    What is the content delivery mechanism?

    Can content be scheduled?

    How many industries do you write content for?

    What are those industries?

    What is the background of the editors/writers in these industries?

    What if my business is not in one of those industries?

    How many people do you have writing content?

    Where are the content writers geographically located?

    Can you produce content in other languages?

    Can you produce and deliver content for customers outside the US?

    What is the profile of a typical content writer?

    Does the same content go to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

    Do you just write the content once and then send the same thing out to all of your customers?

    How much content is shared?

    How much content is original, or is it simply copied and forwarded?

    Can I get exclusive content (original and just for me)? If so, how does this work?

    Can I still write and post my own content?

    Do I get a dedicated writer?

    Do I get the same writer or do I draw from a pool?

    Can I tell my writer what to write?

    Will the writer take advantage of such things as holidays, what is trending, pop culture, current events?

    How industry or market specific will the writer get?

    Can content be localized? (neighborhood, city, state, region, etc.)

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