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Traditional Marketing is Dead

44% Unopened

44% of direct mail is never even opened.

200,000,000 + Phone Numbers

Over 200 million numbers on the Do Not Call list.

86 %
Hit Skip

86% of People Skip TV Commercials.

Enter Content Marketing

Content marketing is just a term for creating content that prospects see as a resource rather than a useless advertisement. Ads, commercials and mailers are seen as an annoyance rather than being useful. Create content your prospects find helpful and they will feel more inclined to support your business.

The difficulty for small businesses lies in consistently posting relevant, useful and timely content to your prospects. That's where we can help...

Timely - Relevant - Targeted

Our content team develops a strategy with you to target specific demographics and engage them with relevant, industry-specific content and promotions; all while optimizing all of your social channels to be ranked higher by search engines.


Some of Our Top Clients

Gene Inglesby Western Petroleum Marketing Association

Prior to Social5, all of our social media was run in-house. We had a bunch of people working on our Facebook page...we'd sit around in our staff meetings trying to decide what the Tweet of the week ought to be. We knew we were out there and people were finding us, very few, but we also knew we were doing a poor job of it. We just didn't know what we needed to do.

It was important to us as we were growing and as we got busier and busier to have somebody take over that social media presence and management for us. I talked to another company that did really good work...and they were willing to do something for us for several thousand dollars a month and that was a little out of my range just getting started into that arena. We talked to Social5 and their price point was very reasonable and exactly what we can afford.

Ken Avery Montera Captive Insurance Management
Tal Adair Security National Mortgage

They just run with it. They have great content. They have great writers. They know about my industry so it's somebody that's not just...that doesn't know about mortgages. They have a writer that knows my industry and devotes strictly to my clientele and I can just devote my time to what makes me money.

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